New world record


After few years planing and waiting for good conditions, finally succed to set new world record in OUT AND RETURN flight, in distance of 259 km.
 Pilots Urban Valic and Aljaz Valic both mannaged to brake it with very high average speed 34,43 km/h.
Both pilots were flying new Magus wings.

Oficiall vallidation of record is finished.


Sub-class O-3 (Paragliders)
Category : General

Out-and-return distance : 259 km

Date of flight: 20/07/2006
Pilot: Aljaz VALIC (Slovenia)
Course/place: Soriska Planina (Slovenia)

Mac Para Magus

ratified on 03/11/2006 | Database ID 14032


 Record details:

-Take off time:           10.44 altittude 1441m
-Landing time:           18.27 altittude 1441m
-Flight time:                                            7.42 h
-Distance:                                              259 km
-Average speed:                           34.43 km/h
-Wing:                        MACPARA MAGUS proto


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