Report from Paragliding World Cup in Spain

June 3rd
Weather looks nice. We arrived to the take off at 11.00. Few gliders are allready flying and condition looks good. Organisers set 81 km task along the ridge with last part in south on next lower ridge and then back again . The goal line was in Ager so we don't have to need retrievals. After opening start cylinder we flew 28 km along the ridge in strong north wind in height. Because of the cliff we had a lot of work with gliders to keep them in right shape. After first turn point in the walley we returned into the wind to the ridge, I choosed lower ridge, some other pilots flew to the higher one. I didn't find any good thermal and i was getting low but then i finally get nice Ąrocketď with some other pilots. Last crossing to south I did from cloudbase, with first five group and other 20 pilots follow us just 200m behind. We get nice lift just over turnpoint in flats, again to the cloud base and full speed glide to train station of Ager , where i turned third. Than we had to fly back to the ridge because we didn't have enought height for last turn point. Strong lee and down wind just before safety point cost me two places. After making safety point just full speed glide with few corrections of gliderís shape. ? I arrived as fifth, just 200m after group of swiss pilots, Urban was around 8 to 10 position and Gasper Prevc did well too. Have nice time. Aljaz

5. VALIC Aljaz
8. VALIC Urban
14. PREVC Gasper
54. VRBENSKY Karel

June 4th
In the morning weather looks ok, but weather prediction was thunderstorms in the afternoon. The organizator set 52km long task with goal on the north. Later they changed goal to south due to cloud development in the north and finally cancelled the task for today. See you, Gasper

June 6th
Finally a race with excellent weather conditions. The task was only 62 km long due the weather forecast and high danger of thunderstorms. First part we flew closed to the ridge and back, very fast without turning and always accelerating. But for the last three turnpoints we had to cross the valley of Ager twice. Not a big thing, but unfortunately Tomas hasnít choosed the right ridge and caught a delay. Christian Maurerís choice was better and again he was unstoppable. The last turnpoint was in the shadow, so the last strong thermal was far away from the goal. The final glide was quite long around the last turmpoint, lucky who was high enough to glide to the goal. Turning to the cloudbase or a good line, making some meters in the middle of the valley was necessary, but rather difficult. Many top pilots didnít realize this fact in time and landed before the goal. Cheers. Toni

9. VALIC Urban
59. VALIC Aljaz
41. CARDONA Davide
81. VRBENSKY Karel

June 7th
1. VALIC Aljaz
2. BRAUNER Tomas
18. CARDONA Davide
32. VALIC Urban

June 8th
PWC Ager - my point of view. First task I made the goal. I was the last one there and it took me morefthan twice the time of the winner. The second task I flew with Chrigel Maurer, Andy Aebi leading. Everything look very promissing till the last turn where Chrigel was about 30m above us. Me and Andy at the same level. Unlike us Chrigel made it to the goal. Bad luck... Third task I flew slowly. And not only that, I landed in the middle of nowhere. I thought to myself: ok slowly to the goal, fast almost goal, slowly outlanded - what else can happen? The only logical reminder was fast in the goal and I was really looking forward when 100km task was set. But my thoughts were wrong. I forget one other possibility: bombing out. And here we are, me, Greg and some Niviuk very low soon after starting the task. Finally me and Greg we made it up but it was sure that it will not be the "Fast task" for us. Very unlucky was Thomas who was leading for very long time, but then flew into bad sink. When the others saw this they took other path and overflew him. At least Urban was "carrying the MAC flag" with 4th position, then Gasper was 14th. Cheers Karel

4. VALIC Urban
14. PREVC Gasper
26. CARDONA Davide
27. VRBENSKY Karel

June 9th
This morning the weather was not so good. The meat director set a task of 54 km. The wind was south with as usual west breeze. At the begining the thermals were very week and difficult to catch. Some pilots land after 20km because of too much optimism and low altitude... The other were jumping from a thermal to another at more than 2000 m. Chrigel and Hausi were together in front 15km from the goal. Chrigel took no risk and went on the right to small mountains and Hausi went straight.... This time it's the old Hausi who took the 1000pts.
It was a very nice competition. Organisation was very good and the area beautiful to fly.
First is Chrigel, Second as very often is Caron.
Third is a new swiss who 's doing his second world Cup .... Stefan Schmocker.
First Mac Pilot is Urban Valic on the 4 th place. Ciao. Greg

4. BRAUNER Tomas
5. PREVC Gasper
23. VRBENSKY Karel
28. CARDONA Davide

3. VALIC Urban
6. VALIC Aljaz
10. BRAUNER Tomas
27. PREVC Gasper
29. VRBENSKY Karel
38. CARDONA Davide
103. BLONDEAU Greg
3. Mac Para

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