• Czech Republic Championship 2005 – Slovenia
    29.8. - 4.9.2005, photo: SkyFly.cz

         On Sunday 4th of September finished Czech Open and Czech Championship in Tolmion in Slovenia. The weather was bad during the week and pilots flew only once. First part of the week blew strong wind and in second part there ware thunderstorms except Sunday. It was windy again. So only Thursday was competition day.

         Organizers announced task with four turn points, 74,4 km long. Ninety minutes long starting window was openned at 13:00 and the race begun after one hour. Conditions were not perfect because of low cloud base. But our pilots were great.

         By Czech Championship won Martin Orlik (in overall 2nd). Second was Petra Krausova, who was winner in women results and good were also Thomas Brauner and Karel Vrbensky, who finished 7th and 8th.


    Congratulation to Martin and Petra

PWC 2005 – Petra second, Martin fourth and Mac Para team third

Pilot PWC results   Portuguese results 3rd task 2nd task 1st task
Martin Orlik 4th   9th 10th 12th 25th
Thomas Brauner 9th   20th 21st 3rd 55th
Urban Valic 14th   16th 11th 18th 42nd
Karel Vrbensky 16th   19th 16th 30th 43rd
Aljaz Valic 19th   15th 5th 13th 49th
Petra Krausova 2nd / 26th   6th / 64th 5th / 55th 1st / 46th 7th / 86th
Pedro Moreira 48th   58th 72nd 82nd 13th
Magnus Osterberg 56th   22nd 46th 40th 15th
Gregory Blondeau 72nd   - - - -
Stefan Vyparina 88th   - - - -
Peter Vyparina 128th   - - - -
Joachim Skondras 138th   - - - -
Olivier Tops 148th   - - - -
Erik Rehnfeldt 166th   - - - -
Damjan Lotric 195th   - - - -
Mac Para team 3rd   3rd 2nd 2nd 11th
Czech national team 3rd   5th 2nd 3rd 8th

Big congratulation!!!

  • PWC Portugal
    6.8. - 13.8.2005

         From 6th to 13th of August was realized final part of Paragliding World Cup in Portuguese mountains Serra da Estrela. The weather in Portugal was very hot with temperatures around 42°C. On Saturday organizers provided a great banquet but some pilots went fly to catch some cool air in altitude around 3200m.

         On Sunday the weather was same as on Saturday and the sky had few high clouds. Organizer announced very simple task with one turn point, 65,4 km long. Starting window was opened at 12:45. At same moment increased the wind and many pilots had problems on starting place. Troubles had also Petra Krausova, who damaged one of lines of her glider. The goal made 79 from 121 pilots. Nearly all pilots flying on Maguses reach the goal except Petra, who had to land on 41,8 km. The best was Pedro Moreira, who finished on 13th place.

         After Sunday’s task were four free days because of strong wind and huge fire. Strong wind blow also on Friday but organizers announced second task 85,3 km long with four turn points. Conditions were good and race was very fast and first pilot reach the goal after 150 minutes. The best from MAC team was Thomas Brauner, who finished on 3rd place and Perta Krausova won in women result.

         On Saturday organizers announced nearly one hundred (99,7) km long task with four turn points. Starting window was opened at 13:00 and landing deadline was set to 20:30. Conditions were very good. Cloud base was around 4000 m, but only half of the pilots reach this altitude, the others who did not cached strong thermals (8m/s) stay at 2000 – 2500 m. First pilot from MAC team, who made the goal, was Aljaz Valic, who finished on 5th place. Tenth place was big regret for Martin Orlik, who was on fourth place during the race but final glide was bad and Martin sank down. Pedro was disappointed either because he was leading for 10 min. nearly the whole task.

         After three tasks ended Portuguese competition and Paragliding World Cup 2005. Our pilots did very good results. On 9th place in Portugal finished Martin Orlik, who is on excellent 4th place in world cup overall result. Thomas Brauner was 20th and in PWC ranking is 9th. Petra Karusova had more troubles in Portugal but in female world cup result is second. Mac Para team is third and Czech national team is third too.

  • PWC Italy – 4th task
    Saturday 23.7.2005

         After nightly shower was on Saturday good weather and organizers announce last task with five turn points, 53.8 km long. The task begun like yesterday at 13:00 and organizers set task‘s deadline - all pilots must land till five o’clock. Already during the start are coming high clouds from the west and at 15:00 was sky covered totally with cirusses. Thermals become weak very quickly and nearly all pilots landed along the road. Only three pilots reach the goal today.

         Excellent result reached Martin Orlik, who was fifth with 1 km delay to goal line. Petra Krausova was third between women and 37th in overall results. Other pilots flying on Maguses were: 31st Gregory Blondeau, 43rd Karel Vrbenskym 50th Stefan Vyparina, 54th Thomas Brauner, 79th Urban Valic and 89th Magnus Osterberg.

         After four tasks ended fourth part of Paragliding World Cup and our pilots reached excellent result! Well-balanced achievement presented Martin Orlik, who is second just three points behind Chrigel Maurer. Petra Krausova is 26th in overall results and in women results she is on very nice second place. MAC PARA team is third and Czech national team is after today’s victory on second place.

         Other Magus pilots are: 15th Thomas Brauner, 25th Karel Vrbensky, 42nd Urban Valic, 55th Gregory Blondeau, 63rd Stefan Vyparina and 81st Magnus Osterberg.



  • PWC Italy – 3rd task
    Friday 22.7.2005

         Thursday’s strong wind stopped at the night and Friday’s weather was good. Organizers announced third task with 4 turn points, 64.5 km long. Landing place was as usually in village Suello. The race started at 13:00. Many pilots have troubles on second and forth part of task and only 48 pilots made the goal.

         The best pilot from MAC PARA team was Martin Orlik, who took 4th place. Petra Krausova was 19th in overall results and second in women. Other Maguses were: 23rd Karel Vrbensky, 31st Tomas Brauner, 55th Magnus Osterberg, 71st Stefan Vyparina, 87th Gregory Blondeau and 89th Urban Valic, who was penalized for flight in the cloud.


  • PWC Italy – 2nd task
    Wednesday 20.7.2005

         On Monday and Tuesday was bad weather with storms or strong wind but Wednesday was nice. Organizers announced second task with 5 turn points, 110 km long. Starting window was open at 13:00 and race began at 13:30. Conditions were good with cloud base at 2200 m and the task was fast till 3rd turn. The Wind was stronger on the forth leg and the major part of pilots landed here. Only 33 pilots made the goal today.

         The best Magus pilot was Martin Orlik who was fifth and he is after two tasks on 3rd place. The next behind Martin came Urban Valic who is now 9th overall. Thomas Brauner rided on 9th place and his current overall position is great second place. Petra Krausova was 24th and first by women. He is leading the competition by women Other Magus pilots were: 71st Stefan Vyparina, 87th Magnus Osterberg and 93. Gregory Blondeau. MAC PARA team is still first and Czech nation team sank to third place.


  • PWC Italy – 1st task
    Sunday 17.7.2005

         One week after the world cup event in Serbia moved PWC to north of Italy. Saturday like usually training flights and registration of pilots. Sunday was sunny and very hot weather with high humidity, conditions like in a washing machine. Organizers announced task with three turn points, 46,8 km long. Take off place is in altitude 1240 m on top of mountain Monte Cornizzolo. Pilots started to take off at 13:45 and race started after 30 minutes.

         From 117 registered competitors 46 pilots made the goal. Nearly all Magus pilots were in this group. The best of MAC PARA team was Thomas Brauner who flew last part over flats and finished on second place just 11 second behind the winner Michael Witschi from Switzerland. Martin Orlik was leading second group, which has taken other way and flew last part by mountains. He came with 6 min. deprivation to the leaders time. Petra did 35 th place overall and first by women. Other Magus pilots were: 21st Urban Valic, 28th Gregory Blondeau, 41st Karel Vrbenský, 48th Stefan Vyparina (who landed 300 meters before goal line) and 97th Magnus Osterberg. Czech nation team is after first task on second place. Superb pilots results placed MAC PARA team on top of teams by this task.

    Big congratulation!!!


  • PWC Serbia – 4th task

         On Saturday conditions were good and organizers announced 51,7 km long fourth task. A starting window was same as yesterday at 12:50 and a start at 13:30 too. It was relatively difficult to rise up above the taking off area but conditions have improved lately and fastest pilot reached the goal after nearly two hours.

         The best pilot form MAC team was Urban Valic, who finished on 2nd place followed by Martin Orlik, who was 7th. Thomas Brauner took not the best route in flats, came with 7 minutes delay and finished only on 31st place. Petra Krausova didn’t have a good day either, she was 6th by women. After four tasks finished third part of world cup in Serbia and results were followed:

         The best was Thomas Brauner, who finished on obnoxious fourth place. Petra Krausova was third in women results. Good ranks conquered Martin Orlik and Urban Valic. Martin was 7th and Urban was on 8th place. MAC PARA team finished on excellent third place and Czech nation was second.

         Other pilots flying Maguses were: 24th Karel Vrbensky, 33rd Pedro Moreira, 34th Joachim Skondras, 43rd Stefan Vyparina, 63rd Peter Vyparina and 97th Damjan Lotric.



  • PWC Serbia – 3rd task

         Weather forecast for Friday wasn’t bad and organizers announced similar task as on the first day. The task was 95.6 km long with three turn points. Pilots began take off at 12:50 and race began after 40 minutes. First part of tasks distance was good and problems waited for pilots near second turn point where 39 pilots from leading group had to land. Final part was against the wind and nobody reaches the goal today.

         The best MAC pilot was Thomas Brauner, who finished 4th with 55.9 km. Petra Krausova wasn’t good at this day and finished on 79th place in overall and 9th in women results. Other Magus pilots finished on followed places: 27th Martin Orlik, 33rd Joachim Skondras, 36th Urban Valic, 44th Peter Vyparina, 67th Karel Vrbensky, 70. Stefan Vyparina, 85th Pedro Moreira and 91st Damjan Lotric.

  • PWC Serbia – 2nd task

         After rainy Wednesday the Thursday was better with blue sky. Organizers announced second task 67 km long. First part of the race went to the southeast to first turn point and last 10 km leads back to Pirot. Window was open at 14:40 and first 38 pilots were very fast on the turn point. Problems arise at the moment of turning back counter to the wind. The best pilot had to landed on 62.4 km and nobody reach the goal. The minimum distance was set to 40 km and the task is valid with many pilots over minimum distance.

         Only 400 meters behind leader land Thomas Brauner and he jumps in competition result to the first place. Petra Krausova was 24th and in women competition result is first too. After today’s task rises also Czech team to the second place.

         Other pilots on Maguses were on followed places: 6th Stefan Vyparina together with Karel Vrbensky, 34th Martin Orlik, 38th Urban Valic, 50th Pedro Moreira, 63rd Damjan Lotric, 67th Joachim Skondras and 70th Peter Vyparina.

  • PWC Serbia - 1st task
    2.7. - 6.7.2005

         On Sunday 3td July started third part of Paragliding World Cup hold in Serbia - Nis. First two days was bad weather and all tasks were cancelled. Sky was blue as late as Tuesday. Conditions were good and organizers announced task, 89 km long and first pilot finished it after 156 minutes. Best pilot on Magus was Thomas Brauner, who finished on 6th place 59 sec behind the leader. Second MAC pilot on goal was Martin Orlik on 18th place 41 second behind Thomas. Petra Krausova was 44th in overall and second in women results. Other Magus pilots finished on followed places: 20th Urban Valic, 29th Karel Vrbensky, 38th Pedro Moreira, 39th Stefan Vyparina, 41st Joachim Skondras, 73rd Peter Vyparina and 105th Damjan Lotric. Czech nation is after first task on 4th place with deprivation only three points on third Germans.

         On Wednesday was weather again very bad and organizers announced additional free day.

  • PWC France - 6th day
    10.6.2005  photo: Martin Orlik

         After yesterday’s free day the weather forecast wasn’t good for today. The sky was clear but with strong north wind. Finally the wind decreased at afternoon and organizers announced 4th task, 80 km long. The window was opened at 15:00 but during the race wind increased and two pilots deployed their rescue chutes. One of them didn’t answer by radio and search by helicopter started. A few minutes later, the second pilot was contacted. He was safe but organizers stopped the task at 17:30 and pilot’s position was recorded on a GPS track log at the same time to enable the precise ranking. Only three pilots flew over goal today.
         The best pilot on Magus was Erik Rehnfeldt (with 75,8 km) on 26th place. Petra Krausova was 64th in overall. By women scoring she was third and after 4th task she still kept second position. Other Magus pilots were: 39th Thomas Brauner, 44th Magnus Osterberg, 48th Martin orlik, 50th Urban Valic, 54th Vrbensky Karel, 69th Olivier Tops, 86th Gregory Blondeau and 95th Pedro Moreira.


  • PWC France - 4th day
    8.6.2005  photo: Martin Orlik

         On Wednesday organizers announced task with six turn points, 75,6 km long around of Bourg St Maurice Start was set at 15:30 and there were two chances where to fly. First in front of high Mountains and second in the mountains. Best pilots finished the task in 156 minutes. Three french pilots crossed the goal line at the same moment and all received 1000 pionts.
         Fastest pilot of our team was Thomas Brauner. He flew together with Martin over Mountains. He placed 7th. They sed: " it was not so cool at beginning but finally we could make speed and came closed to first group". After three tasks is MAC PARA team on 5th place. Petra Krausova was first by women. In overall she was on 38th place and after today’s task she is second in women results. Other Magus pilots were: 23rd Gragory Blondeau, 24th Olivier Tops, 33rd Urban Valic, 36th Martin Orlik, 55th Pedro Moreira, 56th Erik Rehnfeldt, 61st Karel Vrbensky and 70th Magnus Osterberg.

  • PWC France - 3rd day
    7.6.2005  photo: Martin Orlik

         Monday was a free day by the world cup competition due the bad weather. Yesterday the competition continued with the second task. Organizers announced 65,3 km. Nearly all pilots made the goal. The winner of day was czech pilot David Ohlídal. First Magus piloted by Magnus Osterberg came on 20th place. Petra Krausova was 99th in overall and 7th in women results. Others MAC PARA pilots flew over goal: 36th Thomas Brauner, 40th Karel Vrbensky, 61st Pedro Moreira, 63rd Urban Valic, 65th Olivier Tops. Martin Orlik pushed too much and was short for two kilometers and placed 111th.

  • PWC France - 1st and 2nd day

         On Sunday 5th of June started second part of world cup, PWC France in Bourg St Maurice. Organizers for 123 enlisted pilots provided 73.8 long task with tree turn points. First pilot was in finish after nearly three hours.
         Faster MAC pilot was Thomas Brauner witch finished on 9th place. Only tree places behind him, on 12th place, was Martin Orlik. Petra Krausova was 22th in overall, between women she was faster and finished 1st. Other Magus pilots finished on followed places: 32nd Gregory Blondeau, 52nd Erik Rehnfeldt, 59th Olivier Tops, 60th Karel Vrbensky.

         On second day was planed shorter task. The weather wasn’t very nice and task was cancelled.


  • PWC Bulgaria - 6th and 7th day
    29. and 30.4.2005

         On Saturday morning the wind was stronger than on Friday and the tops of the hills were in a haze. Organizes ended the competition with two walid flying days.

         Petra Krausova wins the competition by women and Gregory Blondeau gets silver medal for excellent second place. On obnoxious 4th place was Urban Valic. Anyway his best result by PWC competitions. We congratulate !!

          Other Magus pilots finished on followed places: Martin Orlík was 16th and Thomas Brauner 32th. In 49th place were two pilots and one of them was Pedro Moreira followed by Karel Vrbensky on 51th place. Peter Vyparina was 88th a Magnus Osterberg 107th. Congratulations!

  • PWC Bulgaria - 5th day

          After three non flying days starts Thursday with a nice weather and organizers announced a task with two turn points, 75,4 km long. The window was open at 12:40. Conditions were really good and first pilot came over goal line at 15:29 followed later by other 83 pilots. First Magus was piloted by Gregory Blondeau on 6th place. 9th and 10th placed Urban Valic and Karel Vrbensky, Thomas Brauner was 34th and Martin Orlík 45th. Petra Krausova came on 50th place as first woman. After two tasks she is first in women results.

  • PWC Bulgaria - 4th day

         Even fourth day wasn't good for flying, caused by strong wind. Results are without any changes.

  • PWC Bulharsko - 2nd and 3rd day
    25. a 26.4.2005, source: www.SKYFLY.cz

         On second day of bulgarian world cup the sky was already covered with clouds in the morning. Pilots arived on take-of place in altitude 1370 m and waited. The weather wasn't good and organizers canceled 2nd task after two hours.

         Tuesday's morning looked better, but later came cirrus clouds. Organizers planed task with one turn point, 72,3 km long. The weather was bad and organisers changed the task for a new one 60,6 km long with four turn points. Most of pilots had more troubles in first part of the task and more that half of them landed shortly after take-of. Organizers canceled task because from west came storm.