Technical description:

Today's top race glider. A progressive brake's running for a reactive speed: from 23 to 42 Km/h on 35 cm, it goes fast! The glider, at low speed trimms, turns so easy in small thermals, with a perfect indication of the aerology's shape. The centre get smaller? Easy, a bit more on the harness angle, more on the brake, and the canopy tows forward in the thermal! A full shaded glide, with good energy reserves when needed. Regarding to transitions, get smiley: open your trimms and let's go! The glide ratio talks by itself. Fast and stable in turbulences, it keeps you towed forward. Your friends look a bit glued backwards, and arriving on the other side, some more height was easier to get then expected: lucky you are, the thermal was precisely well active at this height, whereas a 100 m. lower.....well, well at top speed, you pass the 60's with a clean canopy, it is like horses in car!

  • easy take off
  • top glide ratio until 50Km/h
  • flat polar
  • very stable at top speed
  • speed range from 23 to 63 Km/h at top weight
  • precise handling and fast control
  • dynamique and easy in thermals

Used materials:

  • Intrados,extrados: PORCHER MARINE NYLON 6.6 SKYTEX ME
  • Ribs: NYLON 6.6 SKYTEX HF
  • Coated lines on order: COUSIN TRESTEC main TECHNORA 2,15 mm + 1,7 mm, médianes TECHNORA 1,1 mm
  • Comp. lines : EDELRID - ARAMID/KEVLAR non-gaîné
  • Mains :1,90 mm + 1,7 mm + 1,1 mm
  • Top: 0,65 mm
  • Brakes: 0,65 mm
Technical data
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