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Technical description:

The Pasha is in a category on its own. Tandem flying on the Pasha is easy and a pleasure for two. Diagonal construction, this glider is based on the highly successful performance wing - The Feeling.

  • surprisingly easy take-off and easy control
  • low speed needed for take-off
  • excellent stability in thermals and turbulence throughout the weight range
  • fantastic manoeuvrability
  • serial trimmers, stable in all positions
  • ideal and light brake range
  • the optional brake servo system gives brake pressures similar to that on a solo glider
Solo pilots, if you find a dual wing out-thermaling you, you have two choices:
  1. learn to fly better in thermals
  2. or notice the name PASHA on the wingtip of the glider.
Stability in the full weight range and easy take-off, makes the PASHA the ideal tandem paraglider for professional use. The PASHA also makes a great paramotor wing. "Do you have a weight problem and hate to diet? Don't worry fly the Pasha."

Used materials:

  • Upper & lowers surfaces: PORCHER MARINE NYLON 6.6 SKYTEX ME
  • Ribs: NYLON 6.6 SKYTEX HF
  • Lines: COUSIN TRESTEC main lines TECHNORA 2,15 mm + 1,7 mm, upper lines TECHNORA 1,4 mm + DYNEMA 1,1 mm
Technical data
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