Bottom color is white on all designs.

Technical description:

      The market is full of "simply designed" mountaineering gliders and we guess some of them are really boring and slow to launch. We decided to combine a higher performance wing with a light weight glider. Pilots who are looking for the lightest performance intermediate can save a lot of money this way.

       Thanks to the excellent reports from Eden 3 pilots we decided to use the same canopy design and a similar line construction to the Eden 3. The Velvia has 52 cells, which get thinner closer to the wing tip. The slim elliptical form of the canopy has an aspect ratio of 5.26. Diagonal V-tapes and a system of load-bearing lines give the canopy stability and influence easy behaviour during extreme manoeuvres. The canopy is very resistant to collapse. It features excellent stability throughout the full weight and speed range. In an induced collapse the glider does not rotate quickly and will usually reopen within 50 degrees. The opening is smooth and predictable. Easy launch and landing characteristics are a must. Despite high performance potential and agile handling the Velvia has good dampening in all axes. The light brake pressure allows pleasant turns during long thermal flights, but increases progressively toward the end of its travel to offer safety reserves.

 The Velvia is equipped with light Dynema risers. The lines are connected to the risers by loops to save weight. Just one small circular maillon is used in the accelerator system.

       The use of high-quality materials and constant quality control during our own MAC PARA manufacturing process together with consistent development work on our computer programme “PG” produces high quality products. We are proud of them. 

Used materials:


Mountaineering - Intermediate Performance VELVIA 24 VELVIA 28
Zoom flat [%] 92 100
Area flat [m2] 23,66 27,96
Area projected [m2] 21,14 24,99
Span flat [m] 11,16 12,13
Aspect ratio flat 5,26 5,26
Root chord [m] 2.63 2.86
Cells 52 52
Weight [kg] 4,1 4,5
Weight range [kg]* 70-90 85-110
Min. speed [km/h] 23-25 23-25
Max. speed [km/h] 36-38 36-38
Top speed [km/h] (accelerator) 48-50 48-50
Gliding ratio 8,3 8,3
Min. sink rate [m/s] 1.15 1.15
DHV 1-2 * pilot equipped

Test report DHV 03:
English: Velvia 24 Velvia 28
Deutsch: Velvia 24 Velvia 28


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