Bottom color is white on all designs.

     The Magus 5 is a superb competition wing with a massive winning potential. Mac Para pilots achieved excellent results during the 2006 season: The MAC PARA TEAM won the PWC in Brazil. Urban Valic won the Swiss Open, the Hungarian Open and the Turkish Open. The Czech Championship results: 1st Martin Orlik, 2nd Karel Vrbensky and 3rd Thomas Brauner. Petra Krausova is female European Champion and Czech Champion, Thomas Brauner was 3rd at the 2006 Europeans and 3rd  at the Slovenian PWC, Aljaz Valic is the Slovenian Champion, etc... We congratulate them.

The Magus 5 is a real competition glider that should only be flown by highly experienced, competition pilots with the skill to exploit the glider’s performance potential. MAC PARA team carried out many test flights with a number of different prototypes. Both 3 and 4 line systems were compared and the many advantages of our progressive trimmers lead to the selection of a four line system, with a reduced line length, for the Magus 5.  The Magus 5 has an aspect ratio of 6.7 and carefully calculated airfoils give the paraglider an excellent glide performance both at trim and on accelerated flight. The reinforcement flap system in the centre of canopy combined with the bunching system on the wing tips give precise handling with outstanding climbing performance.  Best glide can be achieved with partly or fully closed trimmers with the speed system accelerated to 25-30% and of course released brakes. The glide angle whilst accelerated to 50% is quite remarkable compared to other competition paragliders. Maximum speed can be achieved with open trimmers and with speed system accelerated to 100 %. The maximum speed measured with a high wing loading is 59-61 km/h.  Glide ratio is over 15 !  whilst flying through lifting air. J  For more exact information please take a look at the competition results or ask any Magus 5 pilot.

Design, materials and colours

    Like all new MAC PARA gliders the topsail is a mixture of materials with different coatings. The Magus 5 is manufactured using the paragliding industries well established lightweight material with excellent durability; Skytex 40, from Porcher Sport (NCV). Because for any glider, the part that always wears out first is the leading edge, we use Skytex 40 with double water repellent E77A coating for this. For less stressed parts of the sail we use Skytex 40 with E38A coating. For all ribs and diagonal ribs we use Skytex 40 with E29A “hard finish” coating. This gives the advantage of a sail that is both lightweight and very durable with a clean canopy. The different parts of the design are assembled to keep the cleanest canopy. The Magus 5 is equipped with a classic competition line system with every third rib attached. Top lines are made from proven unsheathed Edelrid line series Aramid 8000 with a coating to increase UV-resistance. Main lines are made from pre-stretched Liros Dynema lines of different diameters. The 3 point risers are equipped with a progressive trim system with small 20 mm claws. The brake handles have magnetic clips and a swivel attached steering line.

The new colour scheme is enhanced by transparency and gives a modern look to the wing. The Magus 5 is available in two colours (grey and white) as standard. Other non serial colours are available to order. Brighter colours are preferred for manufacturing due to the special 3/1 cells construction. The Magus 5 is available in sizes 22 m2, 25 m2, 26 m2 and 28 m2.

Mac Para use their latest Pg software to aid design, giving cleaner sails and therefore less drag to the airflow, and enhanced glide performance. The use of high-quality materials and constant quality control during manufacturing process together with consistent development work on competition gliders leads to high-end quality products. We are proud of them.

MAC PARA is using Gin's RFE patented reinforcement system on Magus 5.



Technical data

Competition Magus 5-22 Magus 5-25 Magus 5-26 Magus 5-28
Zoom flat [%] 94,5 100 102,7 106
Area flat [m2] 22,37 25,05 26,42 28,15
Area projected [m2] 20,24 22,67 23,91 25,47
Span flat [m] 12,24 12,95 13,30 13,73
Aspect ratio flat 6,69 6,69 6,69 6,69
Root chord [m] 2,30 2,43 2,50 2,58
Cells 75 75 75 75
Weight [kg] 6,3 6,5 6,7 6,9
Weight range [kg]* 85-96 94-107 100-115 112-128
Best weight range [kg]*      90-95    100-105    108-112    118-124
Min. speed [km/h] 23-25 23-25 23-25 23-25
Max. speed [km/h] 39-42 39-42 39-42 39-42
Top speed [km/h] (accelerator) 59-61 59-61 59-61 59-61
Gliding ratio 9,6 9,6 9,6 9,6
Min. sink rate [m/s] 1,05 1,05 1,05 1,05
  * pilot equipped


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