The Acro2 properties are similar to Acro.
  • active piloting trough body weight, improved by back strapīs position
  • spacious, comfortable, aerodynamically cut harness
  • incredibly easy to slip In and Out when flying, without hands for more safety
  • easy adjustable straps for best position
  • excellent dampening of the canopyīs movement
  • rescue canopy placed under the seat board, with an easy-to-grab handle, always visible
  • manual extra cross straps adjustable
  • automatic cross strapīs stabilisatin when sliping out
  • one-hand-opening STUBAI clicks on chest, legs an cross straps
  • stubal speed system rolls and double step accelerator allowing easy and wide moves of the speed system
  • optional foam protector (mussbag) available
  • easy adjustable straps for best position
  • rub-resistant cloth
  • large storage pocket including special radio receiverīs pocket