A light harness for discerning pilots, designed for competition and efficient flying.
Warranted comfort even after hours of flight. The harness is sensitive to weight-shift thanks to the lower position of the main carabiners. Excellent feed-back from the glider to the harness.
For preservation of the low weight its made of light, abrasion resistant CORDURA. The side covering of the risers and the various harness adjustments with elastic NEOPRENE decreases drag and guarantees a smooth surface.
Featuring a light, ergonomically formed, laminated sandwich seat, the facility to adjust its angle according to the pilot's preference and the standard foot stirrup guarantee maximum comfort. The pilot's body is perfectly supported in the back and shoulder area. A smooth lining to the shoulder straps and leg strap system enable easy movement during take off.
The weight of the harness is 5,4 kg including the foam protector. For enthusiasts of the lightest equipment we offer a carbon plate with a reduction in weight of 400g.
Adjustable pulleys enable error-free routing of the speed-system without either foot banking up. This allows adjustment of the pulleys so, that the pilot's position in the harness remains identical during activation of the speed system, with no resulting increase in aerodynamic drag.

The harness is equipped as standard with a specially shaped foam protector either 12 cm.
The protector can be easily removed through the back pocket. Shoulder straps don't slip down thanks to an auxiliary strap with plastic clip.

The rescue canopy is placed under the pilot's legs towards the front of the seat. A sufficiently large deployment system guarantees easy removal of the rescue canopy from the outer container. The reserve handle is highly visible and easy to reach.

  • Automatic buckles on chest and legs straps
  • "Austrialpin" alloy buckles
  • Double step speed bar retained by elastic
  • Supporting, in flight adjustable stirrup
  • Adjustable seat angle
  • Large storage pocket including special radio pocket
  • The reserve handle is highly visible and easy to reach
  • Excellent mobility whilst in the harness during the take off
  • Aerodynamically cut
  • Uncompromising choice of materials: Neoprene, Cordura
  • Foam protector as standard
  • Excellent support to the shoulders
  • Shoulder straps don't slip down
  • The XCL is available in four sizes: S (up to 165cm), M (165 - 175cm), L (175 - 185cm), XL (185 and up)

User manual in pdf


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